Anime Girl Cover!

by Emerian Rich

AnimeGirlCoverFinal copyI can’t tell you how excited I am to show you the cover of my new project, Anime Girl. Anime Girl is a Sweet Dreams Novelette, which means it takes place in the Sweet Dreams world, but has entirely new characters.

The Sweet Dreams Series is based in a world where talent management and musicians meet, reach for their dreams together, and fall in love.

In Anime Girl, I took Rob Malloy’s company Malloy Inc in a whole new direction. Instead of tunes and gigs, we’re talking art and publishing.

Chase Everett is a talent manager living in San Francisco, who works for Malloy Inc. Abby Tanaka, is a manga artist and author whose sales have hit the roof overnight and she needs someone to help her get organized. Little does she know that a knight in shining executive armor is coming to not only help her career, but steal her heart.

The cover artist for Anime Girl is Alyssa Loveless, a talented young manga artist. Alyssa was really able to get the feeling and look I wanted for this cover. Abby is so cute in her goth-lotita gear! Alyssa’s other work can be found at:

I’m excited to release this to Kindle soon! Be on the lookout for Abby and Chase coming soon.