San Mateo County Fair – Saturday, June 15th

by Emerian Rich


Come meet Emerian and her friends at

the San Mateo County Fair, Author day!

Chat with Bay Area Authors
Saturday June 15 from 2-4  P.M.

Over 25 local authors will gather near the Literary Arts Stage in Expo Hall to sell and sign their books on June 15. Here’s a great opportunity to support local authors and your own “reading habit.” Plus you might even find a perfect gift for a friend. They’ll gladly sign your book purchases for you! Authors include: Emerian Rich (PDF Bio), Ezra Barany (PDF Bio), Laurel Anne Hill (PDF Bio), Sumiko Saulson (PDF Bio), and many more!
*** Use author code: SMCF13 tol get 25% off all Emerian Rich purchases.
Cash and PayPal/Credit Card accepted.

How to Podcast and Create Book Trailers
Saturday, June 15, 4-5 P.M.

Create buzz for your books through the use of podcasts and book trailers, while keeping the associated costs to a minimum. Come hear these three authors share their experiences.

AuthorPicEmerian Rich is a writer, artist, and Horror Hostess of the popular international
podcast, She is the author of the Night’s Knights Vampire
Series and also writes the Sweet Dreams Musical Romance Series under the name
Emmy Z. Madrigal. For more information about Emz, visit

Laurel Anne Hill is an award-winning author of science fiction, fantasy,
steampunk and horror. Luckily, when she needed to learn how to podcast and
create book trailers, Emerian Rich and Ezra Barany were there to provide advice.
Visit Laurel’s website and podcast at

Ezra Barany: After learning about codes in the Bible, Ezra published his 

bestselling award-winning thriller, THE TORAH CODES. As a book consultant,
Ezra helps his clients become bestselling authors. Ezra lives in Oakland with his
beloved wife and two cats working on a sequel, FIGHTING WITH GOD. Ezra, not
the cats. For more information about Ezra, go to


And if you use author code: SMCF13, you will get 25% off all Emerian Rich purchases.
Cash and PayPal/Credit Card accepted.