Horrific History featuring Emerian Rich

by Emerian Rich

horrific historygr

HORRIFIC HISTORY cover art by Luke Spooner.

My newest short story, “Prettiest Things” is now available in Robert Helmbrecht’s Horrific History.

“Prettiest Things” is set in America in the late 1800’s. I don’t want to ruin the surprise by telling you who the players are, but this alternate history piece will have you guessing if I’ve uncovered the REAL story behind these famous murders.

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In addition to its availability at Amazon.comHorrific History will also be available at:

  • BayCon, San Francisco’s Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror convention, May 24th-27th at the Santa Clara Hyatt. The book will be available from Emerian Rich or at the HorrorAddicts.net fan-table on the second floor, right off the escalators.
  • The World Horror Convention in New Orleans, June 13-16 at the Hotel Monteleone. Hazardous Press will have a booth.