The Desk of a Writer – Part 3

Several years ago, me and tons of my writer friends showed pictures of our desks. You can see those posts here:
The Desk of a Writer & The Desk of a Writer 2

I’ve been asked if I would post my desk pics again from some of you and make sure to add in tools that I use daily to stay organized. I have way too many projects going on and people always ask me how I get everything done. First, I wanna say that I am one of those people that do a thousand things fairly well instead of one thing splendidly. Second, I’m not sure my organizational tips will work for you, but I am going to take a stab at it.


  1. My stick mic for podcasting.
  2. USB / Memory stick hubs for extreme efficiency! Save it to the memory stick, pull out and go!
  3. My published books. The stack with just get higher and higher! 🙂
  4. Notepads of varying sizes.
  5. The lineup for Season 7. I have one online in the staff FB group, but I also need one to reference quickly. This clipboard actually broke in half, which is awesome because it’s the perfect size for the large note cards I use.
  6. GothHaus slambook – outlining charries and what their attributes are. Sticking out is my GH script book. I am currently working on Ep.8.
  7. Computer. Duh… open to my website,
  8. My Android phone on which I can text madly, read Kindle books, and check email.
  9. One of my aforementioned memory sticks – my favorite, the pirate one.
  10. My four most adored pens. I) Preppy fountain pen, II) Pilot Precise V5, III) Pentel Energel, IV) Stabilo felt tip pen 68. Can’t be without any of these for longer than five minutes.
  11. Podcasting mini-slams for audio pitches and key words. These are for the Night’s Knights series because I am currently podcasting the second book in that series, Dusk’s Warriors.
  12. Novel slambooks – character and location books for several of my novels.
  13. Project book, outlining all my projects so I don’t forget what I’m doing!
  14. Sweet Dreams #4, Undecided. All edited, ready to be input.
  15. Slushie from my new slushie machine!
  16. Important books- address book, past lineup book, and my book records.
  17. Tower-o-supplies. And yes, I have to admit, the top 3 bins contain 3.5 disks that I have not converted into new memory formats.  A lot of writing there and I will get to it someday – hopefully before my 3.5 drive dies.
  18. Mega-Tower-o-supplies. Stationery, stickers, business cards, labels, etc…
  19. My tarot deck. I used to read them for people. Haven’t in a long time. Still, I do sometimes for friends.
  20. My dice collection!
  21. Current chapter of Dusk’s Warriors that I am podcasting.
  22. Artistic License slambook, because I am editing the full text now, getting it ready for publication.
  23. A WORD BOOK meant for Japanese/English translations to be written in, but I use it to list the words I overuse in writing, editing tricks I’ve learned, and things I need to watch out for.
  24. JACK! So I don’t get lonely.
  25. These are my novel drawers in the background. I have one drawer for every novel series I have going. That way, if I have an idea and I’m not writing that series at the moment, I write it down and place it in the drawer. When I go to work on the next novel in that series, I have tons of ideas to work on. The drawer is also where my slam books stay when I am not referencing them.


We’ve just moved in to our new house, so this area is bound to get fuller and messier! I usually have a bulletin board full of my current novel inspiration pics, but right now, I am not working on anything super new. I have 2 novel series going (one book each that I am working on) and a stand alone novel, Artistic License, which will be coming out the end of this year. Once I finish all that up, I will start on my new novel, Northanger, and the pics will start populating every open space in the room.

An important thing to remember as a writer (such a solitary profession) is to be your own team. Not only do you need to give your writer and editor brain time to work on your craft, but you need to be your own cheering squad too. You need a boss to keep you in line and make sure you get stuff done. You need a party committee to congratulate you on milestones accomplished.

The easiest way I’ve been able to incorporate my whole team (and I realize I am talking about multiple personalities here)  is to make giant lists of projects and where each of them are. On the very top of this picture on orange paper, you’ll see I’ve written my accomplishments. Very rarely are you going to get an award doing this stuff… make sure you reward yourself by constant reminders of how far you’ve come.


No one can visit my office without commenting on the large amount of pens on the shelves behind me. I know the reason I have a pen obsession. It’s because in my 32+ houses I lived in as a child, whenever I needed to write something – no matter what room of the house I was in – there were never any pens! It irritated the heck out of me. So much so that when I became an adult, no matter how poor I found myself, there would ALWAYS be a pen in my possession. Usually 5-6! Just imagine how frustrating it would be to be a writer and not have a writing utensil! I was not about to go the way of the Marquis de Sade and write with body fluids.


I’ve been collecting these little bins from the Container Store for awhile. They are perfect for stacking and not that expensive ($2.99 at the most). They are called Akrobins. I recently bought myself one of the wall brackets that was a bit out of my price range to hang all my bins. Now they are up and out of the way, giving me space for paperwork on my back shelves. What an ingenious invention! And look… I have space for more. Sounds like a trip to the Container Store is in order. 🙂

So now that you’ve seen my desk, go check out the desks of my friends and if you’d like to be added to this list, post your desk on your blog and comment with your own link.

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