Come meet Emz at Baycon 2012

by Emerian Rich

Memorial Day Weekend

Santa Clara, California

Come meet Emerian Rich and many other fabulous guests.

Emerian’s Schedule:

Friday 5/25 5:30-7PM in Bayshore
Character Slam Book Hands-on Activity
Emerian Rich will lead a class that will benefit new and seasoned writers along with anyone who just wants to dream up characters. This can even apply to gamers.

Friday 8pm in Ballroom B-C-D
Meet-the-Guest Reception
Saturday 5/26 10-11:30 in Winchester
Self-Promotion and Publicity for Writers on Saturday
with Emerian Rich, Tony N. Todaro, Jaym Gates, Dani Kollin
So you’ve figured out this whole writing thing and your work is finally out there. Wouldn’t it be great if people actually bought it? Just because the publisher bought your book doesn’t mean they’re going to publicize it. Learn the whys and hows of self-promotion from the experts.

Saturday 5/26 1-4PM
Writers Workshop
~Closed Session~

Sunday 5/27 11:30-1PM in Camino Real
Themed Reading: Horror
with Emerian Rich Jay Hartlove, Laurel Anne Hill, H.E. Roulo
Come listen to our writers reading from their horror fiction.

Sunday 5/27 8-9PM in Bayshore
Wicked Women Writers
with Emerian Rich, H.E. Roulo, Laurel Anne Hill
A discussion of the Wicked Women Writers club and how to become a member, what writing clubs do for a writer, if they are worth the effort, talk about Litworld, a non-profit organization the Wicked Women Writers support as well as answer any audience questions.

Sunday 5/27 9:00-10PM in Bayshore
BoF: Horror Addicts
Horror Addicts: People who are physiologically or psychologically dependent on items depicting macabre events. Discuss your macabre addictions and meet some of the cast of the podcast.