Dusk’s Warriors Art/Photo Contest!

by Emerian Rich

I announced this contest when Dusk’s Warriors premiered, but haven’t spoken of it since. I have a handful of entries, but am giving you Biters one last chance to get your name in the Night’s Knights sequel, Dusk’s Warriors.

Share the pages with your favorite character. Whether your favorite be Jespa, Julien, Severina, or Markham, your name may be close to… may be pressed up against… your favorite Night’s Knights icon. Yum! So how do you submit?

1. Take a picture of yourself or a friend holding the Night’s Knights book, cover, eBook, iPod, or other item that has Night’s Knights in the picture (yes Photoshop is ok).
+Take a picture of yourself or friends dressed as Night’s Knights characters. OR
+Make some fan art depicting characters from the book.

2. Send the picture* in jpeg or png format to me at: emzbox@sbcglobal.net

DEADLINE is: July 15th, 2011

THREE LUCKY BITERS will get their full name in the book. You may be demons, or vampires, or angels… never can tell. Mwhahahaa. Good luck!

*If you’ve already sent me a picture like this — before the contest, just email me, letting me know you want to be considered.