System Crash!!!

by Emerian Rich

Picture this… I’ve spent three hours putting the finishing touches on Chapter 9 of Dusk’s Warriors, it’s super late on a “school night”, and my sound software crashes. Oh well, it’s been a long night, and sound software often crashes, so I’ll check it the next day.

Next day… I log in, hope the sound software recovered the project so I don’t have to do a 3 hour pull again. It did… but with errors. I settle down to redo said work, but while it’s loading, I decide to check my email… then it happens… the big boom… the thing you hope never happens to you… THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!!!!

Sometimes the blue screen isn’t that big of a deal. It might just take some time to tweak something or reload Windows or something… no such luck for me.

So sorry to let all of you Biters know… you might be waiting for Chapter 9 for a while. I’m hoping my alt drive that I keep all the audio on is safe, but can’t be sure till I get the thing working again. Believe me, I am just as bummed as you all are. 😦

On another note, if you’ve emailed me in the past 4 months and are waiting on an answer, you might want to forward me those emails. I was way behind when I crashed and Outlook took all of the emails with it. There’s a lot to be said for webmail!!!

Stay tuned!