Emz Holidays Offers

by Emerian Rich

Night’s Knights eBook for $.99

Night’s Knights is on sale from now until the end of 2010 for just $.99 for Android and iPhone users. Search apps on your phone for Night’s Knights or Emerian Rich.

Emerian Rich & 16 other authors
in Just in Time FREE PDF offer

Books make terrific holiday gifts, but finding the perfect book is always a challenge. If only we could flip through the books on our schedule. If only if the bookstore could come to us. That’s the idea behind “Just in Time for the Holidays.” In this PDF we’ve included multi-chapter excerpts from some of the greatest books you’ll be able to find this holiday season. You will find books that will take you on an epic adventure across magical lands, step into the future, or journey to the past. See the world through the eyes of a teenager living on the streets of Cambridge. Journey into a land of dreams, and much more. “Just in Time for the Holiday” has something for everyone on your list.

Each excerpt is prefaced by information about the book and its author. At the end of every excerpt in this PDF you’ll find links to retailers where you can get your own copies of the books.We hope you enjoy these excerpts and wish you a happy holiday season.

Sweet Dreams EXTRAS Package!
Buy Sweet Dreams now! At Amazon.com

Sweet Dreams is now available on Amazon.com!
Buy the book and enjoy this special offer package. 🙂
Since this comes so close to Christmas, I can’t guarantee a personalized book can be shipped from me to you by the special day**. However, I can offer you this special collector’s edition extras package to be delivered to you or the sweetheart in your life that you are buying the book for.I’ve taken a picture of the collector’s pack here, addressed to one of Sweet Dreams long time fans, Collene.

This collector’s edition extras pack includes:
*A personalized letter from the main character of Sweet Dreams, Victoria Knox.
*A Rob Malloy business card.
*A personalized bookplate signed by the author to peel off and stick in your book.
*And (for the first twelve who email) a limited edition Sweet Dreams dogtag necklace.

Getting this prize pack is easy and FREE!

All you have to do is take your picture with the book and email it to:

Along with:
*Who the package should be made out to.
*Your snail mail address.
*Color preference. (Stationary shown in picture will vary, but we will try to match your color preference.)

So, after you order your Sweet Dreams book from Amazon.com and give it to yourself or someone else at your holiday event this year, don’t forget to snap some pics and send them to Emmy!

For those of you who may be ordering a Sweet Dreams book for your loved one, but it might not get there in time, please feel free to download and print this coupon for under the tree.

**Personalized signed books will be available direct from the author in 2011. There will also be live events where you might catch her in person! Subscribe to this blog and keep watching.