Baycon 2010

by Emerian Rich

Last weekend was the annual gathering of awesome writers, readers, costumers, and enthusiasts of SciFi, Fantasy, and (some) horror people!  
They like to call it Baycon, I just call it – freakin’ rad. 

Not only did I get to enjoy time with friends, browse a spectacular art gallery, spend money in the dealer’s room, watch belly dancing, participate in the Regency dance, view anime, listen to speakers, tour the party floor, admire costumes, act like a zombie, go to the Klingon slave auction, and generally wear myself out on the most awesome entertainment in the San Francisco Bay Area, I also got to catch some of my writer friends on film! 


Dani and Eytan Kollin were back to promote their second book in the Unincorporated series, The Unincorporated War. Their playful brotherly banter is always a treat. You always wonder… who will win the argument? And you’re always left wondering… who did win the argument? Eytan also puts on what we have come to know as the best panel of the con- an unparalleled weapons demonstration.

Author  Laurel Anne Hill was also in attendance, reading from two books. Her novel Heroes Arise and the newly released anthology Rum and Runestones from Dragon Moon Press. I really had a good time at her reading. She had wine and cheese and grapes. She also color coordinated her outfit with the new book cover very well. A woman must also match her accessories, you know!
My husband, Kirk Warrington.

 H. E. Roulo and Emz

Tony Todaro, Scott Sigler, Ann Wilkes, A Kovacs, Emerian Rich
My panels were very enjoyable. I got to talk about manga vs. comics, self-promotion, and how to use the internet (including SL) to it’s full potential.
I got to meet long time Horror Addict, A Kovacs, who was the voice behind the story in episode #19. I also met a few more of you guys at the con and I infected some new members as well. Next year I hope to meet more of you. If there is a con in your neck of the woods you’d like to see me at, tell your con organizers or email me with the info. I’d love to come!