Dusk’s Warriors

by Emerian Rich

The podnovel sequel to Night’s Knights, Dusk’s Warriors, is months away and the print version even further in the future– but I had to share the awesome new cover by artist Christen Kojnok with you guys. Let’s just have a moment of silence while you stare at it.


Alright… now that you’ve stared at it… I’m sorry, you need more time?


Ok, if you can pull yourself away from this awesome pic, check out a brand spanking new short story podcast of mine called Desire on the Asia anthology podcast Different Worlds. I’d like to thank Jeri for inviting me to do this. It was fun and not knowing a thing about Asia, this song and experience opened me up to a whole new music scene. Thanks Jeri! And thanks Asia and John Payne. Excellent song. I hope you think my story does it justice. Oh, did I mention it’s vampire erotica? Now maybe that will pull you from this awesome new cover!

Check out Desire here:

And stay tuned for more about Dusk’s Warriors.