Julien as an av on Second Life?

by Emerian Rich

Night’s Knights characters as avs on Second Life

Lonewolf and Insight as Julien and Jespa

  A few months ago, I had a Night’s Knights party on Second Life. This event marked the end of me reading Night’s Knights – the print version at the Milkwood Haunted Library and gave fans the chance to hear a selection from the second novel and to show their love by dressing as the characters. I’ve been so busy, I forgot to show the pictures! If you are a Night’s Knights fan, I think you’ll love them.     

Lonewolf as Julien

Lonewolf was the costume winner, with his portrayal of Julien Titan, the handsome white-haired Englishman. Followed closely by Insight as Jespa.  Other costumes were Fayre as Severina, and Imarad as Jimmy’s girlfriend Ellie May. Nightmare dressed as a big black raven to honor my love for Poe and his works.     

Insight as Jespa

Fayre as Severina

Imarad as Ellie May


Nightmare as The Raven

It was an awesome party and I’d like to thank all of you who came each week for attending and becoming mega-fans of Night’s Knights.      

Seeing my charries in av form made the night a hit with me!