Night’s Knights hits #1 on Mobipocket!

by Emerian Rich

Ok, so there are certain moments in a book launch that you will remember forever.

This will be one of them.

Today Night’s Knights hit #1 in Mobipocket Horror.

Yes, that is my book above Lovecraft and King.

Thank you all for making this happen!

 And thank you to Brian at White Wolf for making it available there. You rock!

If you haven’t bought your Mobipocket edition of Night’s Knights, you can get it  here: Mobipocket

Don’t forget… the Special Offer is still good until Feb. 5th!!!  Don’t miss your chance to own the Night’s Knights Companion Booklet for free.

Just follow these simple steps:
1. Buy Night’s Knights on Mobipocket on January 23rd.
2. Take a picture of yourself with your e-device, pc, or phone open to Chapter 13 of Night’s Knights.
3. Email the picture to Emerian at: with your name and snail mail address by February 5th.
4. Enjoy your ebook of Night’s Knights while you await your extras!

If you’ve been putting off buying, this is the perfect time! You can buy your digital copy for your phone, e-reading device, or to read on your pc! And because it’s an ebook, you get it for half the price! Only $5.99 later, you will be swimming around in Night’s Knights goodness. Yum!

Night’s Knights Companion booklet is a must have.  Packed with floor plans, character sketches, and fan fic, you won’t believe how much background information and author notes are packed in this baby!

Buy Night’s Knights on Mobipocket now!

 *Special Offer ends February 5th, 2010