Ten Books That Moved Me In 2009

by Emerian Rich

 Seeing my book in print after years of working on it was the number one book that moved me this year. I can’t express the happiness I felt when I opened the box to see the shiny (beautiful!) cover and read my name on the front. Any of you that have had it happen to you, you know how I feel. For those of you still dreaming of that day, don’t give up! 
You can do it!

Night’s Knights on Amazon  
by Emerian Rich

 Believe it or not, this book moved me to create a filk song. Yes… a filk song. When I was sick and hopped up on cold meds, I sang a little ditty to the tune of an old rock song we all love. Beyond that, this tale was a breath of fresh air with a beautiful love story and an awesome new vampire twist.

Shine Like Thunder on Amazon
by C. E. Dorsett

  I’ve been a fan of Annette’s ever since I read Silver Kiss and Blood and Chocolate. When I discovered I had missed this one, I ordered it right away. This is a touching tale of a teen girl who feels like she is an outcast and befriends an alien that no one trusts. On their journey through space, they help each other and save the world! 
What could be better than that?

Alien Secrets On Amazon
by Annette Curtis Klause

  Besides being a good friend, Rhonda Carpenter is a marketing guru. If you can’t understand her enthusiasm for this awesome tome, then just read a few pages. You will be immediately wrapped up in the intricate interweavings of the exciting lives of her characters. She’s got the good, the bad, and the handsome in this past life regression adventure!

The Mark Of A Druid on Amazon
by Rhonda Carpenter  

I’m not sure if Jeremiah knows this, but he was one of the main reasons I decided to go ahead and publish Night’s Knights the way I did. After a very interesting and informative interview with him on HorrorAddicts.net, I buckled down and just did it!  Thanks Jeremiah! And his book Plague is not to be missed.

Plague on Amazon
by Jeremiah Donaldson

Wow. This book is just amazing to look at. From the cover, to the binding, to the gold lettering, it’s truly a piece of art. When I met Dani at Baycon a few years ago, I never could have imagined opening an Amazon box would be such an experience. This story is innovative, original, and well written. These Kollin boys have an excellent first novel.
Can’t wait to see what they pull out next.

The Unincorporated Man on Amazon
by Dani Kollin & Eytan Kollin

Mark’s been a good friend for many years. I was so excited to see his book in print. The mastermind behind Hell Hole Tavern, God Wars, and Mercy Bend now has a print version to show for all his hard work. Congrats on the book Mark!  Traitor introduces us to a new kind of character from Mark. Aaron is a conflicted dude with so many problems… wait.  Yes, I forgot, this is a Mark Eller story… OF COURSE Aaron’s screwed up. Mark loves to torture! Can’t wait to see what the rest of this series brings.

Traitor on Amazon
by Mark Eller

When I met Arlene on Podiobooks community awhile back, I never could have guessed that I would be here a few years later, talking about our print novels. The amount of research it took to pull this one off is insurmountable to me. The story of Jahna’s clan is like a slice of history laid out before you, so real… you can smell the rich soil it was dug up from.

The Fox on Amazon
by Arlene Radasky 

Technically, I began this book at the end of November 2008, but I am including it nonetheless. I’ve been following Jeff’s career for the past few years and though thrillers aren’t exactly my cup of tea, I enjoy this series. This high-octane, fast paced, end of the world trilogy only promises to  get better with the addition of the thrid book, Plague Zone.

The Plague Year Series on Amazon
by Jeff Carlson

I list this one last only because it’s the most recent I’ve received. Dan’s podcast show Out of the Coffin is one of my favs. He and I seem to share the same interests, views, and love of vampire lore. The book is so cute! It’s a good small size that I can carry with me on my daily reading walks. No chance of tripping with this little beauty with me! I am excited to dig in to it.

Lilith’s Love on Amazon
by Dan Shaurette