New Stuff From Emz?

Hiatus is fun, but I thought I’d let you know everything that is
coming up and some things you might have missed over the last few

Have you missed?

Upcoming in January:

  • HORROR ADDICTS will restart in January. Is there something new or different you’d like to hear on Horror Addicts? Email me and I’ll see what I can do.
  • NIGHT’S KNIGHTS 2 / DUSK’S WARRIORS is coming soon. The last few chapters are giving me a bit of trouble, but I look forward to pulling it all together and then getting it to my first readers soon! Look for the podnovel to start beginning early 2010.
  • SWEET DREAMS 3 / TRUE LOVE? Is ready to be podcast. Though I am concentrating on the long awaited sequel to my vampire novel, you Sweet Dreamers are never far from my mind. More news on release coming soon!

Have a great Holiday season! Don’t forget, if you need a gift for
your vampire lover, check out Night’s Knights on


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