Night’s Knights — Amazon Rush!

by Emerian Rich


It’s official! Night’s Knights is on Amazon!  But wait… before you go there, let me tell you that the Amazon push date is October 30th.
If you can manage to buy Night’s Knights on October 30th, please do so. Why? Because the more people who buy it on the same day, the higher up the charts it goes. We want to show all those publishers out there that Night’s Knights is the kind of vampire novel you want to buy!

There is something all you fans of Night’s Knights can do for me. If you enjoyed the book, please go and leave a review. I would be ever so grateful and hey… you’ve left them for me on Podiobooks and Itunes, so why not Amazon?

For all of those of you that are planning to come to the book release party, I can’t wait to meet you. There are so many goodies in my house, it’s almost overflowing, so make sure to show and put your name in for the door prizes.

For those of you who do buy the book on Amazon, email me at: and I will send you a signed book plate to put inside your book free of charge.  Also, if you just CAN’T WAIT to own your very own copy of Night’s Knights, I won’t be hurt if you purchase it today.

Below are some upcoming appearance dates. If you’d like me to have a signing near you or attend a con in your area, tell me… I will try my hardest to make your wishes come true. California locations are the easiest for me to attend, but don’t be afraid to ask!  Tell your con organizers that you would like me to be at your next event.

October 21st – Online – 7:30pm PST – Second Life, at Quills: A Place For Writers I will be taping the season finale of

October 22nd – Online – 7pm PST – Second Life, at Milk Wood Haunted Library I will be reading a chapter of Night’s Knights.

October 29th – Online – ALL DAY from 10 am PST – Second Life, Autumn Writers Exhibition, I will be having my Second Life book release party all day. Come by my tent for freebies and Night’s Knights t-shirts!  I will also be leading a discussion on Podcasting and how to Podcast your novel – time TBD.

October 29th – Online – 7pm PST – Second Life, at Milk Wood Haunted Library I will be reading a chapter of Night’s Knights.

October 30th – Concord, CA  – 7pm PST – Bay Books, live reading, signing, and book release party with tons of free giveaways.

November 7th – Online – 2pm PST – Meet an Author on SLTV. Can’t wait to hang out with Jilly again!  This time, we will be talking all about Night’s Knights print version.