Emz Newz!!!

by Emerian Rich

Any real Emz aficionado can not miss this latest news:

  • EXCITING opportunity for all Night’s Knights fans to share their love of the book and be a part of the companion booklet:
    As a possible freebie with every purchase of Night’s Knights at the book release party, I am putting together a little companion booklet for those of you real fans who can’t get enough.  This companion book will have background info on characters, sketches, floor plans of locations in the book, and much, much more. I am offering you a special opportunity to become a part of my NK companion booklet by sending me Night’s Knights fan art, photos, and fan fic to be put in this companion.
    Please send all entries to: emzbox@sbcglobal.net
    Deadline: October 1st, 2009
    Please send black and white art or photos only.
    By submitting, you are giving me approval to print your work in my Night’s Knights companion booklet.
  • AWESOME venue named for Night’s Knights book release party:
    Flyers will soon clutter your inboxes and facebook pages my friends! 
    But for now, I will tell you that the Night’s Knights book release party will be held at:
    Bay Books, Concord, California
    Friday, October 30th, 2009
    Dress like your favorite Night’s Knights character or your favorite vamp
    Trick or Treat
    Come see me storytell – LIVE!
  • ENTICING new cover for Night’s Knights print novel: 
    If you’re one of the three people who hasn’t been bombarded with the new cover shoots yet, you gotta check it out!
  • CHILLING Horror Addicts episode #028 with Kimberly Steele, Disorder, and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir: This week’s show is a big juicy one. Way over an hour and packed with Kim Steele goodness. You’re gonna love it.
  • ROMANTIC Star Struck Chapter 12: Will be up Friday on Mevio and soon on Podiobooks.com. This is the second to last chapter of Star Struck. The sad part is that Star Struck is ending, the happy part is that there are still many more Sweet Dreams novels to come!
  • UNCONVENTIONAL Interview with Emz by author James Cheetam:
  • INFORMATIVE audio interview by podioracket.com: 
    Episode 16 of Podioracket- In this episode Rhonda talks with KeithHughes and Heather talks with Emmy Z. Madrigal.
  • INTERESTING manga reviews by Emz recently and a Vampire Diaries pre-air review on dashPunk.com:
  • Emz reads the Story So Far on Aurora Hunter podcast #33:
  • Promo swap with Keith Hughes of Borrowed Time:

What will be next for Emz?  Stay tuned to the exciting continuation of… EMZ NEWZ!
(Ok, yeah… I know that was a bit over the top.)