by Emerian Rich

Sorry to all you listeners who want to listen to Star Struck. We’re having a bit of trouble getting the new media up. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Chapter 5 is cut off at the end and we have a support ticket in because no matter how many times I upload the correct one, it will not take. Until it is fixed, you can listen to Episodes 5-6 at 
also on itunes at:
Sorry for this inconvenience.

Today I had the pleasure of recording an interview withHeather Roulo of for Star Struck. I am told it will air August 26th, 2009.

My extras feed has had an influx of many, many new audio clips. Listen to all the audio reviews I’ve done for the guys, several Story So Fars, and all the Jespa promos for’s champion challenge. If you’ve got a short attention span, or just want to listen to me being silly on alot of different “spoof” clips, go to:
also on itunes at:

As for Night’s Knights news, there isn’t much. I am still preparing for the print novel coming out in October. I’ve been asked by a readers group on Second Life to read the book at their events. I have not given them a definite yes yet, but when I do, I will be reading the new revised print novel format of NK. I am still working on how I can record this for your listening pleasure. These recordings will probably be raw, straight reads.

I am on a short hiatus from My articles there will start up again on August 2nd.

Thank you all for your support. I’ve really enjoyed the emails I’ve received recently. Keep listening and remember– if you like something I’ve done, please leave a review on itunes.