Reviews, Book Update, and more!

by Emerian Rich

Loads of updates in this post.
First, don’t miss these upcoming dates:
5/16/09 – Interview on Chronicles, Mark Eller’s baby.
5/18/09 – Interview on, this time we will have the tech issues ironed out.
5/22-25/09 – Baycon! If you’re going too, come talk to me.  I have some cool freebies to hand out.

Second, Sweet Dreams fans don’t have much longer to wait for the sequel Star Struck to be in podnovel form.  I am editing like crazy and with the help of Neil MacPherson and Brad Wait /Pleasure Trip, this is going to be an excellent musical followup to Sweet Dreams.  Both guys have worked tirelessly on the soundtrack and I think you fans are really gonna dig it.  I am hoping to launch Star Struck by the end of June.

Third, work on Night’s Knights the print novel is coming along.  I wouldn’t say it’s coming along quickly.  I am thinking an October (Halloweenish) release will be how it plays out.  I have a great group of friends over at the Flying Dutchman in Antioch, CA who I am working with to possibly have a release party extravaganza!  Thanks guys!  I will have more info on that soon, but until then, check out their shop.  They offer a wide variety of piercings and body art.  Drop in to the store and check out what they’ve got.  The place is amazing.  The murals are works of art themselves.  They also have an excellent gallery of work for purchase as well as a featured artist section.  Check them out here:

Fourth, read my newest article on, a review of: Masquerade by Melissa de la Cruz.  You vamp and Harry Potter fans should really check it out.  Listen to the Speculative Fiction Today podcast for an audio review this coming week. 

Fifth, it looks like Jespa is kicking some butt over at  You’ve voted (voting closes tonight- if you haven’t voted yet, go vote!)  and now we are eagerly awaiting the results. Check that site to find out who is the new champion of  If Jespa is isn’t the one, I pity the fool who crosses her.

Sixth, Season 3 of Horror Addicts is coming soon.  First show will post June 7th, 2009.  I’ve got some awesome authors lined up for you including: Bryan Peterson, Jack Mangan, Mike McGee, Michele Roger, Heather Roulo, Jeff Carlson, Kimberley Steele, J.F. Lewis, C.E. Dorsett, and the Wicked Women Writers group with an excellent contest where we will be giving out a prize pack with items from your favorite authors such as Rhonda Carpenter and Arlene Radasky.  I also have tons of bands on the line up so you’ll get to hear some new dark music as well as meet some horror movie directors, producers, and writers.  Your favorite staff members Knightmist and Audrey will be back to report the spookiest news and reviews.  This promises to be the best Horror Addicts season yet!

Have a great week and don’t forget to kiss your mother!