What happened this week?

by Emerian Rich

Some new dates for you all to mark in your listening calendar. 
5/16/09 – Interview on Chronicles, Mark Eller’s baby. 
5/18/09 – Interview on Podioracket.com, this time we will have the tech issues ironed out.
5/22-25/09 – Baycon!  If you’re going to, come talk to me.  I have some cool freebies to hand out.
To find out more info on these events and catch up with others coming up, go to: http://emzbox.ning.com/events


Did you catch all this crazy stuff this week?


  1. Jespa has been nominated for podioracket.com’s champion against Nina Kimberly and her horde.  VOTE FOR JESPA HERE:
    Answers are:
    Character: Jespa
    Podnovel: Night’s Knights
    Author: Emerian Rich
    You can also listen to an audio blurb on what this is all about here:
    Jespa makes a special appearance in this promo.  I WOULD LOVE TO SEE JESPA WIN!!!  Would you?  
  2. Speaking of Jespa, there is a new Night’s Knights review written by Lone Wolf.  You can read it here: http://lonewolfsageco.com/main/?p=148  
  3. I attempted to be on podioracket.com this last Monday, but some kind of technical issue made Blogtalk hang up on me, over and over!  Despite all this, the show was a good one and should not be missed. Show recap: In this episode we interview authors Philippa Ballantine and Patrick McLean. We have new contest announcements, a tip from Emerian Rich,and the news. It is just 20 minutes long. Or download Podioracket Ep-02 See our previous post or the Show Notes for all the links, covers, and details to accompany the episode! Special closing guest Emerian Rich has just confirmed. You will love her. www.podioracket.com  Listen online: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/PodioRacket/2009/04/21/PodioRacket-Episode-2 
  4. Those of you who regularly listen to Speculative Fiction Today (used to be Project Shadow Podcast) will know that I’ve recently been giving them audio reviews of the articles that I write for dashPunk.com.  This week, Speculative Fiction Today, Episode #376, has my spoof Death Note on it.  It was lots of fun to make and you know me and spoofs! I love to do them and you never know what I’ll say!  You can listen to Episode #376 by going to this link: http://www.mevio.com/episode/152031/Speculative+Fiction+Today+%23376+%E2%80%9CRichard+Converts+ThruYou%E2%80%9D
    Death Note Mania article on dashPunk.com: http://dashpunk.com/2009/04/19/death-note-mania/
    Another Death Note article I wrote previously: http://dashpunk.com/2008/09/26/review-death-note/
    If you’ve missed my other audio reviews on Speculative Fiction Today, here are the direct links to those shows.
    Review of Ghost Girl Episode #366
    Review of Millennium Snow Episode #371
  5. Speaking of cool stuff on dashPunk, my review of Princess Ai has recently been added to the Wikipedia.com Princess Ai directory as an external news link. 
    Pretty cool!  Here’s the Wiki page on Princess Ai.