Search Your Name Online~!

by Emerian Rich

You ever get bored and decide to search your name online?  I do this every so often and am always surprised at what I find.  A lot of links are to my website or my various podcasting shows, but sometimes I find a review I forgot about or someone I need to remember to thank for playing my promo.  Well, recently I checked again and wanted to share with you guys what I found.
This is an interview I filled out quite awhile ago about my writing style and how I get ready to write, what I write on, advice for writers, etc…
This is a podcast I didn’t know about, but he has me on his links.  I listened to the first Episode and it’s good.  Excellent voice.  Check it out.  And if you are a podcaster or even just someone with a website who has a link to me, please let me know.  I’d be happy to return the favor.
A manga blog caught sight of one of my manga reviews on and linked it, making the ranking skyrocket.  Thank you!
Here’s a review of Horror Addicts.  Not a fully sunny approval, but overall nice I suppose.  Since they only listened to one episode, I really had no chance to shine completely.  And they didn’t get to hear one of the episodes with an interview etc… Still, an interesting read.  Check it out.  Do you agree with the review?  Let me know.

If you ever heard a promo or blurb about me or any of my work on another podcast/website, let me know!  I’d love to hear about it and hopefully return the favor.