Season Finale of Horror Addicts

by Emerian Rich

This week marks the season finale of Horror Addicts Season 2.  I am really excited by the excellent story I have to offer, the interview with Sim & K from Bookstacks, and tons of news and contest announcements.  It’s going to be a great show!


I’m also excited about finishing all the recording work for my sequel to Sweet Dreams, Star Struck.  I will now begin editing and adding music.  I *hope* to be posting the story in May or at latest June.

Until the Horror Addicts season finale posts, you can check out these things:

  • Check out my newest review on, Ghost Girl by Tanya Hurley.  For you who regularly read my columns… check out dashPunk’s rad new format.  Like?
  • I gave a tip on, Episode #2.  Rhonda and Heather have a great show going on there.  To listen, go here:

    • In this episode of podioracket, we interview authors Philippa Ballantine and Patrick McLean. We have new contest announcements, a tip from Emerian Rich, and the news. It is just 20 minutes long.
  • Check out Sim & Kghia’s new podcast Off the Shelf.  I will be playing an interview with them this week on the Horror Addicts season finale.

    • Off the Shelf is a radio/podcast show hosted by Kghia Gherardi and Simeon Beresford. The show will focus on interviews with authors, poets, publishers, editors, librarians, literary venue hosts, and other bookish people, both within Second Life and outside. Off the Shelf is produced by Xinoxi Han, Kghia Gherardi, Simeon Beresford and Dilana Llewellyn, and it can be heard on Radio Riel.