Boring weekend ahead? Catch up on Emz!

by Emerian Rich

So, you’re surfing the net, thinking you’ve heard everything interesting you will ever hear, read everything interesting you will ever read, seen everything… well you get the point. thought

Why not check and see if you’ve listened, read, and seen all of Emz goodies?

Night’s Knights vampire podnovel:

Emz Extra Feed with full versions of songs from her shows, promos, outtakes, spoofs, panel recordings etc:

Horror Addicts Emz current free format show featuring some of your favorite authors:

Sweet Dreams: A Muscial Romance, Emz teen romance series:

Office Angst, Emz old free form podcast show about work and how much we all hate it:, Emz articles on dashPunk:

Past Projects, see all of Emz past art, poems, articles, podcasts, and guest appearances:

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Emzbox Community:
Second Life: Emz Mazie

If you’ve done all that, then please leave a review on itunes or one of the other sites you’ve enjoyed her work on.  THANKS!

All podcasts also available at itunes.