by Emerian Rich


First, for all you Sweet Dreams fans awaiting the sequel Star Struck.  I’ve found a great band (Pleasure Trip) led by Brad Wait to play for the podcast.  Now all we need to do is record.  Provided the illnesses leave me alone, I will be able to record some more this month with a tentative first chapter release date of late April.   Don’t worry, Rob and Vic are on their way along with a bunch of new friends to fall in love with.


Those of you who already listen to Drew Beatty’s Lost Gods will have already heard this, but I was remiss in telling the rest of you about my “story so far” opening for Chapter 14.  You can find that episode here:
Stop by and listen to me on his cast or better yet, start at the beginning.  This cast is a great story about spiders and other spooky things that go bump in the night.  Give it a shot, I’m sure you’ll be caught in Drew’s web after listening to the first couple chapters.  For all of my Teach Me Teach You friends, Drew has the added bonus of having each of his chapters up in pdf form so that you can read along as so many of you wanting to learn English like. 


The sad closure of Hell Hole Tavern on Second Life has brought a new beginning to Horror Addicts and emzbox enthusiasts.  Though we will miss Bearon’s Hell Hole Tavern and the massive Hell beneath with all it’s nooks and crannies, we now have a new place to call our own on Book Island.  Right near Writer’s Block Cafe’, at 22 Gutenberg Alley is Quills: A Place For Writers.  To get there, click this Second Life url:


I have posted some pictures here to get you familiar with the space.  We will be having gatherings here for Horror Addicts, Hell Hole Tavern, and other horror/writing events.  If you are a writer and would like to hold an event there, please contact me.  Though this home can not replace our first, it should give us sufficient space to meet as well as offer you the opportunity to browse the library of talented authors on the Horror Addicts wall.


Another cool place to visit on Second Life is Milk Wood, an estate at Loch Lomond with beautiful cottages and celtic stalls to peruse.  Milk Wood is the home of The Guild of UK Writers.  They have cool places to sit and read or write and many events every week.  While you are there, stop by and check out my booth.